NRI provides research and consultancy services to agencies and clients in the following areas: - Mathematical model simulation to study different problems related to river engineering and dam constructions.

- National projects studies and evaluation, especially their technical, economic, environment, and social impacts.
- Erosion and sedimentation processes and mitigation measures in rivers and reservoirs.
- Design of navigation waterway and its environmental impact on river morphology.
- Hydraulic and hydrological changes downstream dams and hydraulic structures.

Hydrographic survey using the most modern techniques, Integrated Hydrographic Survey System (DGPS, Multi Beam Echousonder, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, Total station, and bed Sediment and water samplers).

- Map productions indicating any interval.
- Hydropower Impact on Morphology and Hydrology for Nile River.
- Test of performance of Hydropower station on Nile River.
- GIS and remote sensing applications in different field.

- Water quality related problems.
- Capacity building through giving and preparing technical training courses for Civil Engineers and technicians from Egypt, African and Arab countries.
-Organizing Conferences and Symposiums.
Countor Maps.
Navigation Charts.
water Quality Data.
Sediment in Lake Nasser.

manegement Lines.