About Us


Nri mission is accomplished through carrying out data collection and analysis, investigation and studies, research and technology development, numerical model design and application, implementation of pilot projects, dissemination of information and cooperation with other organization sharing similar interests in Egypt and around the world.


Nri goal is to rationally protect and develop the Nile River and Lake Nasser in sustainable and scientific manner.


The Main Objectives are to:

·Create a mechanism for the exchange and improve the scientific and technical information among experts and organizations having similar interest in Egypt and other countries. ·Provide and coordinate cooperative research, consultancy services, capacity building and field investigations for the interested agencies. ·Organize and undertake national projects related to river engineering and morphology.


The Nile Research Institute (NRI) is one of twelve research institutes under the National Water Research Center (NWRC) of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation. NRI was so named in mid-1990, but has been in existence for many years under a variety of names. The year 1992 marks a crucial milestone in the growth and recognition of this important institution, its service and dedication t Egypt, and its contribution to the understanding of the mighty River Nile.The institute main function is to conduct applied research at the highest policy-making level in water resources management and development in Egypt.